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Chinese society is experiencing a historic transformation from an agricultural society to an urban society. Urban-rural relation is the key to the success of this transformation. As China is enduring the world's largest population, Development Research Center of the State Council has classified urban-rural integration as a core basic research area to study China's historic transformation,with a research team gathered in early 2012.  The research team of basic area of urban-rural integration consists of young and middle-aged scholars from Development Research Center of the State Council, Research Department of the World Bank, Department of Economics at Michigan State University, Peking University, Renmin University of China, Fudan University, University of International Business and Economics, Tianjin University.


The basic research area of urban-rural integration aims at enriching and innovating development theory study on the background of China's urban-rural transformation, launching policy study on China's urban-rural integration on the basis of international experience and local practice. Research projects to be launched include: Development Theory and International Experience, the Relationship between Industrialization, Urbanization and Agricultural Modernization, Policy Analysis and Evaluation of Urban-rural Integration.


In order to record the historic experience of China's urban-rural integration, Urban and Rural China will track the trend of China's urban-rural integration policy, local practice and academic trend in this field both home and abroad based on research results about urban-rural integration, providing firsthand, reliable and comprehensive information for those with noble aspirations who pays attention to China's urban-rural development process.




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