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Part V : The status quo, characteristics and governance of internet public opinion
WANG Xiongjun

Abstract: Internet has become a media for fast spreading of complicated public opinions. This report analyses the participants, contents, media and development. The complexity of internet public opinion is that it generates enormous opportunities for innovation regarding the economic and social development. At the same time, it brings unprecedented risks and challenges. The governance of public opinion needs to strike a balance between openness and management, freedom and control, and the virtual space and the reality.  The success depends on the intention to develop equal cooperation and joint governance. The important measures include optimizing the media environment, improving the credibility of the government, taking advantage of traditional media, and the self-discipline of the internet, supporting rational “opinion leaders”, establishing institutionalised governance mechanisms, etc.

Keywords: Online public opinion; rationality; opinion leaders; credibility

Full text:Status, Characteristics and Governance Mechanism of Online Public Opinion.docx

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