Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC) is a comprehensive policy research and consulting institution directly under the State Council, the central government of the People's Republic of China. Its main functions include:
       1. Conduct follow-up and advanced study on the overall, comprehensive, strategic and long-term issues in the national economic and social development so as to provide policy recommendations and consulting advices to the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, as well as decision-making proposals for mid- and long-term development plans and regional development policies; participate in and sponsor the entrusted study and demonstration of the development programs worked out by relevant departments and localities and put forward its advices and proposals ...



      Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC) is a leading policy research and consulting institution directly under the State Council. Its main functions are to undertake research on the overall, comprehensive, strategic, long-term and perspective issues concerning China?”„s economic and social development, as well as reform and opening up.

      Since its founding in the initial period of China?”„s reform and opening up, DRC has been actively engaged in investigations and researches around the central work of the government and in view of the overall development situation of the nation. Based on its research findings, DRC has provided a large number of high quality policy recommendations to the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, having made its due contributions to the historical development of the Chinese economy and society.

      Currently, China is facing an important historical stage featured with transforming the pattern of economic growth and striving to achieve sustainable development. DRC will keep forging ahead with hard work and innovative spirit, and contribute its ability and wisdom to the national efforts of realizing government decision-making at a scientific and democratic base, implementing the scientific outlook on development, promoting a long-term, steady and rapid economic development, and building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

      DRC has a team of famous economists and highly qualified experts with increasing influence both at home and abroad. DRC will keep developing its extensive ties and close cooperation with government departments, research institutions and business communities and serve the government and society with high quality research results and consulting advices.

      DRC will continue to develop its extensive links with international community and actively promote the cooperation and exchanges with the major international organizations, think tanks and other related organizations in various countries.

      I hereby extend our sincere appreciation to all the institutions and personalities who have kindly rendered their concern and support to the work of DRC.

                                                Li Wei

                                                President (Minister)

Development Research Center, State Council (DRC)

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