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  • The Green Investment Report 2013 to be launched by the World Economic Forum

    Leading to the launch of the Green Investment Report 2013 on 21 January by the World Economic Forum’s Green Growth Action Alliance, a number of leading voices will present their particular perspectives through a series of blog posts in the Forum. Some people see greening investment a luxury, while some worry about the greater policy risks in going green. Nonetheless, in the post“ Can green investment pay for itself?”, Simon Zadek, Senior Fellow of the Global Green Growth ...

  • EEA publishes Signals 2012 ——building the future we want

    The European Environment Agency (EEA) publishes Signals annually, providing a snapshot of issues of interest to the environmental debate and the wider public in the coming year. Signals 2012 brings together environmental issues such as sustainability, green economy, water, waste, food, governance and knowledge sharing. It is prepared in the context of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development — Rio 2012. This year’s Signals will give you a flavour of how ...

  • The 2nd Green Growth Knowledge Platform Conference will take place in April

    The 2nd Annual Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP) Conference will take place April 4-5, 2013. More information: The Inaugural Conference of the Green Growth Knowledge Platform took place in Mexico City in January 2012. "Green Growth" embodies the basic goal of enabling developing countries to achieve robust growth without locking themselves into environmentally unsustainable patterns. But what does this ...

  • Nature Climate Change publishes an article “2020 emissions levels required to limit warming to below 2°C”

    This paper presents a systematic scenario analysis of how different levels of short-term 2020 emissions would impact the technological and economic feasibility of achieving the 2 °C target in the long term. We find that although a relatively wide range of emissions in 2020—from 41 to 55 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (Gt CO2e yr−1)—may preserve the option of meeting a 2 °C target, the size of this ‘feasibility window’ strongly depends on the prospects of key ...

  • "China announces large-scale overhaul of its solar panel industry”

    Clean Technica website publishes an article “China announces large-scale overhaul of its solar panel industry”. The government of China has announced a major overhaul of its solar panel industry. It will be actively encouraging mergers among producers of solar panels, reducing government support, and “blocking” local leaders from “supporting domestic producers.” And there has even been some talk that some producers will be allowed to go bankrupt.

  • “China Development Forum 2014·Green Event” will be held on 21 March

    Due to its significance and urgency of green development, beginning from this year, Green Event will be a special event of China Development Forum. The Green Event this year will be held in the afternoon of 21 March Friday at Diaoyutai Hotel, Beijing.

  • Lunch Meeting held by Australia's ambassador to China

    On December 3rd, 2012, invited by Frances Adamson, Australia’s ambassador to China, Zhang Yongsheng participated in a luncheon at the embassy with congress delegation led by Julie Bishop, Deputy Leader of Australian Opposition, and Warren Tru, National Party Leader, and conducted discussions on economic reform, investment and climate change.

  • The 13th BASIC Ministerial Meeting held in Beijing

    From November 19 to 21, 2012, the 13th BASIC Ministerial Meeting on Climate Change, BASIC Countries Expert Forum, as well as Release Conference of Chinese version of BASIC Experts Group Joint report Equitable Access to Sustainable Development, were held in Beijing. Zhang Yongsheng participated in the above activities as Chinese expert.

  • French Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) paid a visit

    On November 12th, 2012, Mr.Emmanuel Guerin, Director of Climate Change and Energy, IDDRI, visited the DRC with his colleagues, and discussed Sino-European green development researches with Zhang Yongsheng and Zhuo Xian.

  • International Institute for Sustainable Development paid a visit

    On November 9th, 2012, Mark Halle, Global Vice President of IISD, and Dr. Simon Zadek, Senior Fellow, visited the DRC, and conducted discussions on the issue of global green development with Zhang Yongsheng and Xuan Xiaowei.

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