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International Climate Regime and Negotiation
Green Growth
  • How green growth promote development in poor regions and anti-poverty

    For backward areas, due to the underdevelopment, they have fortunately avoided the problems of traditional growth model, and have conserved their beautiful ecosystem assets and humanistic traditions. With the help of advanced ICT, high-speed railway & freeway systems, and efficient logistics system, backward areas can make use of modern new business models to transform the scarce vital ecological & humanistic resources into wealth, making it possible to leapfrog to high ...

  • Business opportunities in green growth

    Green growth cannot be understood in traditional industrialization thinking. The rapid technological and infrastructural developments represented by Internet communication technology (ICT), e-commerce, high-speed railway, freeway, developed logistics system, and etc., are bringing “revolutionary” changes to the definition of resources, business models, production modes, consumption patterns, and temporal and spatial concepts. The economy based on ICT, environment and ...

  • China and Europe: overcoming their economic & climate challenges with an integrated strategy through cooperation on green growth

    It is widely believed that, due to their trade-off relationship and the resources constraints, it is not possible to solve economic crisis and climate crisis together. However, to some extent, the global economic crisis and climate crisis are of the same root. Green growth can help to resolve the two crises at the same time. This study is a collaborative research carried out with the European Climate Foundation, and is to provide strategic thinking for how China and Europe ...

Domestic Emissions Reduction and Adaptation
  • Research on establishing flexible and diverse domestic mechanisms for emissions mitigation

    The objective of this study is to solve a variety of problems springing out of the reliance on command-and-control for domestic emissions mitigation, to establish a market-based, flexible domestic emissions reduction mechanism with diversified policy tools, making emissions mitigation driving force for economic growth and transformation of development mode. On the basis of its theoretical framework for reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, the DRC research team further ...

  • Research on new mechanism of adaptation to climate change

    Adaptation to climate change is an essential part of response to climate change. The adaptation problem is, to a great extent, a development problem: the higher the level of development, the stronger the adaptation ability. At the same time, with a flexible adaptation mechanism, the impacts of climate change can be greatly reduced. Both the two aspects need structural reforms. This study aims at studying the impacts of climate change on Chinese economy from an economic ...

Theoretical Research
  • Climate Change and Green Growth : An Inframarginal Perspective

    Neoclassical marginal analysis deals with topological problems of optimal allocation of resources in a given division of labor structure. Nonetheless, it cannot deal with the non-topological changes in division of labor structure driven by emissions reduction and environmental protection. Consequently, marginal analysis suggests that greenhouse gas emissions reduction and environmental protection would impede economic development. Such a conclusion is misleading both in ...

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