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The Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC) is a think tank of the Chinese central government. Its mission is to provide policy recommendations to the central government on major economic issues. As a prestigious think tank noted domestically and internationally, DRC plays a uniquely influential role in China’s policy-making, and has made remarkable contributions in promoting the reform and openness of China since its establishment in 1981.

The research on “climate change and green growth”(CCGG) is one of DRC’s research strength. It has been a major research project in DRC since 2009, undertaken by a cross-departmental research team within DRC, led by Vice Minister Liu Shijin.

Currently, the team has developed its own theories and policy recommendations in the following aspects. First, the team proposed a theoretical framework of and solution to global emission reduction, which is referred to Carbon Budget Account proposal and is included in the BASIC experts group joint report Equitable Access to Sustainable Development, an outcome mandated by the BASIC Ministerial Meeting on Climate Change. Second, the team proposed a comprehensive policy framework for domestic emissions mitigation. Third, the team conducted a number of  studies on green growth, including “Seizing the Opportunity of Green Development in China”, which is the green component of thejoint report China 2030 with the World Bank. Fourth, the team made some original research on theoretical issues, such as investigating how mitigation and environmental protection could promote economic development in theory, and etc. DRC’s research on climate change and green growth attracted attentions both at home and internationally.

In 2012, to speed up the construction of the first-class think tank in the world, and to establish internationally competitive research team, as well as to substantially enhance its capabilities of providing higher-quality policy research services for the central government to make major decisions, DRC selected some key fields to provide sustainable supports. “Climate change and green growth” (CCGG) is one of the key fields. It is a continuation of the existing research on “climate change and green growth” in DRC.

The research of DRC-CCGG has the following characteristics. First, the research is problem-oriented and from theoretical perspective. Based on in-depth studies from economic perspective, it aims at providing solid theoretical supports for central government decision-making on the major issues of climate change and green growth. Second, the research is highly internationalized, focusing on international cooperation and following international academic standards in research. Third, the research team is open. As a platform, CCGG makes full use of high-level external research forces, on basis of DRC’s own research capability. Fourth, the research outputs are diverse. Most of the studies yield three types of outputs: (i) policy reports that directly serve the central government for decision-making, (ii) public articles that popularize new thinking, and (iii) academic papers based on rigorous academic norms.

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